A Mighty Gawd

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Summon on October 1

Buying a Gawd costs 0.08 ETH. No bonding curves to encourage a diverse congregation. 200 Gawds will be withheld for giveaways and early worshippers, including 5 "full sets", and 200 Gawds were sold in the First Flame pre-sale.

While minting we're using a private API, to help save on gas. Once complete, all metadata and assets will be moved to IPFS and the contract will be frozen. Read more here.

New dimensions

Each Gawd is summoned with 4K video, PNG and GIF formats. The truly awe-inspiring level of outputs allow for the Gawd to be gazed upon in Holographic Form.

The Gawd Clergy have developed a custom viewer to allow dynamic worshipper inspection, while also being to export to holographic displays, made by Looking Glass Portrait.

Anatomy of a GAWD

Hand drawn, randomly assembled & light-field rendered

Each Gawd is a random composition of 148 parts across 6 categories, rendered with Unity in the highest-possible quality for enjoyment on 2D and 3D devices alike. Gawds are ERC-721 tokens (NFTs) minted on the Ethereum blockchain. Their media assets are redundantly stored on IPFS.

1 Realm
Zone a Gawd coalesced
22 available
0-2 Auras
Unique energy emitted
30 available
1 Composition
Physical body archetype
30 available
1 Oculus
Perception unit
35 available
1 Accent
Gawd flair
31 available
Movement of method
The most holy of formats
  • mp4

    4K animated video

    Behold ye mighty

  • mp4

    Holographic video

    For Looking Glass Portrait

  • png

    3840 x 3840

    Perfect for avatars

  • gif

    500 x 500

    Duh, why not?

Not just rare β€” powerful

The traits of a Gawd have one of 16 ingrained power signatures. As similar energies stack, that Gawds power meter shifts. Owning multiple gives more variety at your disposal.

Gawd traits come packed with metadata for future development as we worshippers explore game mechanics, such as:


These powers don’t just look good, they pack a punch


Unsure about your Gawd's power balance? It may needs a boost


Gawds destroy and create - perhaps it creates a cute mini gawd


Though omnipotent, Gawds are powerless without πŸ™ attention


This is a living roadmap. What we build is influenced by our devout worshippers.

  • Gawd assets, database and promotional site built

  • Unity generation system developed

  • 9/14 Launch Gawd pre-orders (SOLD OUT!)

  • 9/15 Start daily Twitter and Discord giveaways

  • 10/1 πŸ”₯ Gawd Summoning has begun πŸ”₯

  • 10/11 Launch merch store

  • Discord bot for tracking summons, sales, new listings

  • TamaGawdtchi (in progress)

  • PFP generator (in progress)

  • Rare Gawd set auctioned for charity

What's next after launch

GAWDS are designed with games and contract-extensions in mind. Each comes with extra metadata embedded to make sure their powers can be leveraged as development continues. This is where the worshippers (NFT owners) come in.

Worshipper guidance

Snapshot voting for NFT holders will define how the project moves forward

Game mechanics

Battling, tithing, augmenting, spawning, petting... you could do so much with a Gawd


Join us in releasing open source tools to help blockchain and NFT development for gaming

Become a worshipper

Obtaining a Gawd is a long-term prospect that one should not take lightly.


Obtain one of 10,000 unique Gawds with provable, randomized rarity

Community access

Help shape future plans as the clergy and the treasury grow

Forever bonded

Total commercial usage rights granted to NFT owners

Future developments

As more Gawds reveal themselves, so will future utility and augmentations

We are the clergy

Gawdsnuts ✧ gpu ✧ gawdubz ✧ di0xgenes

Four devout individuals building products and culture for the dark web since MCMXCVIII. This project is meant to grow and evolve with community feedback. We also plan to release open-source tools and guides to help other NFT creators build better, more reliable products.

Find us on Discord or email us.